100% Series 2 Opener at 212 Media Coverage

Article by Steve Caro with Photos by Kathy Caro

212 Land MX Park

Welcomes CALVMX

By Steve Caro

Photography by Kathryn Caro

Boulevard, CA.  Aug 22.


 First time events at new venues inevitably raise questions from both track management and participants. From the management viewpoint, it’s a question of will there be enough participants to justify all of the necessary track preparation and the other innumerable details involved in staging an event, especially when the preparations include considerable alterations to the race course to accommodate unique machinery. For the participants, their concerns condense down to the quality of both the track and the venue itself.

        Located in the hamlet of Boulevard in the far-east county of San Diego,(next to Interstate 8 East) 212 Land MX Park played host to its first ever-vintage motocross event, promoted by the region’s top vintage racing organization, CALVMX. Superb interaction between 212’s track manager, Austin Prida and the staff of CALVMX resulted in a well-designed course suitable for both vintage and post-vintage machines. The combined effort resulted in extremely positive reviews by all of the competitors. Many riders were heard to say it was one of the best courses they’ve ridden in recent years.

        Over 100 entrants signed on for 212’s first ever endeavor with vintage racing. Undoubtedly, it was the first time so many machines from the bygone era’s of motocross filled the pit area of what is usually the domain of modern bikes.

        Showing he is as adept on two wheels as he is when he and wife Katherine team up on their sidecar outfit, veteran campaigner Mark Wood (CZ) used 1-2 scores in the 50 Plus Vintage Expert division to take the overall win. In moto one, Wood launched out of the starting gate and was near the front of the combined pack of experts, intermediates and novices powering their way up the starting hill. By the end of the first lap, Wood led Arizona native Kevin Temple (Kaw), Brent Wilkinson (Suz) and Rick Guilmette (CZ). The loamy soil of 212’s track proved ideal for Wood as he maintained his lead throughout the moto. Behind Wood, Temple held onto second, with Wilkinson and Guilmette vying for third. At the checkers, it was Wood taking the win, followed by Temple and Wilkinson.

        Wood repeated his great start in the second moto, only this time Guilmette was following close behind in second. The two CZ pilots battered the track without letup as they vied for the top spot. Midway thru lap four, Guilmette blitzed into first, with Wood not more than a few bike lengths behind. Guilmette continued to lead till the end of the moto to take the win, followed by Wood and Wilkinson. Wood’s runner-up finish clinched the overall victory, with Guilmette snaring second, with Wilkinson third.

        It was a battle of classic European brands in Vintage Sportsman 250 Intermediate, between the CZ of Tim McIntyre and the Maico of long time campaigner Norm Himaka. The start of moto one saw Himaka emerging with the lead followed by McIntyre and the Husqvarna of David Perrapato. Throughout the moto, Himaka used the legendary handling and power of his German machine to good effect as he continually thwarted the challenges of McIntyre. Himaka went on to take the moto win followed by McIntyre and Perrapato.

        The start of moto two-saw McIntyre power his way to the front, followed by Himaka and Jim Barker (Hon). Himaka kept the pressure on McIntyre during the early laps of the race, with Barker nestled in third. McIntyre began to put a slight gap between himself and the rest of the pack near the end of moto and went on to an unchallenged win, with Himaka in second, followed by Barker. McIntyre’s 2-1 scores gave him the overall win, with Himaka second and Perrapato’s 3-4 tally good for third overall.

Although he was the sole entry in the Three Wheeler Stock Expert class, Tanner Pies did anything but cruise around the course for two motos. The hard charging Pies barreled around the challenging 212 Land course at speeds rivaling the two wheelers. His “sky shot” flights over the tabletop jumps (including a heel clicker for the track photographers) had the attention of all the spectators including track manager Prida, who was heard to remark he had seen riders on modern bikes not travel as far as Pies was on a nearly 30 year old machine. Unfortunately, his high altitude flights and subsequent landings were too much for his rear tires and Pies was forced to wobble his way to the finish line in moto two with a pair of very flat rear knobbies.


        Other class winners on the day included Carmen Cafro (Suz) in GP-1 500 Expert, Dallas Brown (Husq) in 50 Plus Vintage Intermediate, Steve Roach (CZ) in 60 Plus Vintage Intermediate and Vintage Sportsman 500 Intermediate. Mike Tripes (Hon) absolutely dominated both moto’s in 50 Plus GP Expert for the overall followed by Cafro and Kirk Chapman (KTM). Making a welcomed return to action was Phil Hall (CZ) who had been sidelined for over a year with a medical condition. Hall celebrated his return with a win in 60 Plus Vintage Expert.

        Based on an impromptu survey of the pit areas, it appears vintage racing may have another venue to add to future race schedules. The racers were impressed with the “flow” of the course and were grateful for the constant vigil track personnel kept in an effort to suppress the draught induced dusty conditions. Strategic watering kept what could have been a major problem to nothing more than a minor concern.        

        September’s scheduled event will be a full weekend of classic racing as CALVMX teams up with AHRMA for a combined national along with round two of the 100% sponsored regional series at Cahuilla Creek MX Park. Scheduled for September 19-20, a large number of entries are anticipated for both days of competition.





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