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Pete Maly Day Coverage by Steve & Kathy Caro

By Steve Caro
Photography by Kathryn Caro
Anza, CA  Sept. 18, 2016


   Making its first visit to Cahuilla Creek MX Park since this past May, the vintage racing collective of CALVMX made their return a success with ten motos of vintage, post-vintage and modern support racing. Along with the racing, the club saluted a past master of motocross and welcomed back a beloved member from a battle with serious health issues.

    Honored guest of the day was former racer, test rider and shop owner, and subject of the iconic one-handed CZ wheelie photo, Pete Maly. A Southern California based pro-racer himself whose resume included being the number one ranked rider in the AME (American Motocross Enterprises) race series in 1972, Maly parlayed his skills into becoming one of the top test riders for the fledgling publication MOTOCROSS ACTION MAGAZINE. Testing everything from 100cc to 500cc machines, Maly provided honest, factual input about the capabilities of the machines. He remarked that the worst machine he ever tested was the Carabella 125 and the scariest, the infamous Suzuki TM-400. Maly commented at the rider’s meeting that he felt the same vibe with the vintage community that he felt back in the early 1970’s when he was racing and testing. Maly also brought an assortment of his original riding gear including leather pants, CZ jersey, etc. He thoroughly enjoyed his day with the club and spent quite a bit of time autographing photos, helmets, and class awards.

    Although she kept her return low-key, the CALVMX family welcomed the return of long-time racer Lillie Chase. Having to deal with serious health issues for several months her return was a welcomed bonus. Although tired from her medical experiences, Chase put together 5-5 scores in the Women’s Novice Division.

    Suzuki mounted Loren Dimond was the dominant force in 50 Plus GP Expert. In the first moto, Dimond rocketed up the starting hill with Mark Sandzimier (Hon) and Dave Feeney (Hon) close behind. On a track that seemed to defy all attempts at keeping it watered despite the excellent work of the Cahuilla track staff, Dimond pushed hard throughout the moto, while behind him Sandzimier and Dave Harris (Mai) battled wheel-to-wheel for second. Late in the moto, Dimond was able to put some distance between himself and his pursuers and went on the take the moto win. Behind him, the battle between Sandzimier and Harris was settled with Sandzimier nabbing second in the moto followed by Harris and Feeney.

   Dimond repeated his holeshot start in the second moto and led the pack as they powered onto the main portion of the course. Trailing close behind were Sandzimier and Feeney. Dimond proceeded to set a torrid pace, while Sandzimier put several bikes lengths between himself and the rest of the pack. Dimond never put a wheel wrong and took an easy moto win and overall, followed by Sandzimier, with Harris powering his way thru the pack to capture third overall.

   Ross Thompson and his Husqvarna led the way in the 50 Plus Vintage Intermediate class with impressive 1-1 moto scores. Thompson led the way at the start of moto one, followed by CZ mounted Mike Korgan and Rich Kinslow (Mai). Thompson seemed unfazed by the often-dry conditions and used a smooth riding style to stay ahead of the pack. Behind him, positions seemed to change with every lap, as Kinslow, Korgan and John Woolsey vied for second. Thompson went on to an unchallenged moto win, followed by Woolsey and Kinslow.

    The second moto had Thompson emerging from the tightly clustered pack to take the lead as the race exited turn three after the start. Once again, Korgan and Kinslow followed a few bike lengths behind. Thompson once again was immune to desert winds and the occasional dust cloud and used his smooth and fast style to take the moto and overall win, followed by Kinslow and Korgan for an all European brand podium.

    It was a duel between and two and four-stroke power in the Marty Tripes 100cc Works Revenge Factory Intermediate class. Honda mounted John Forsythe was the lone four-stroke in a field of buzzing two-strokes. As the gate dropped for the first moto, Forsythe emerged with the lead, followed by Scott Piddington (Yam) and Eric Cook (Yam). Although seriously challenged several times during the moto, Forsythe kept his growling little bike in the lead and went on to capture the moto win, followed by Piddington and Cook.

    Piddington was the racer with the best reaction time at the start of the second moto and quickly powered his way to the front of the pack, followed by Forsythe and Cook. In a scene regrettably missing from modern pro-level motocross in which machines of near equal displacement are allowed to compete head-to-head, Piddington and Forsythe vied for the top spot throughout the moto. Late in the moto, Piddington extended his lead over the pack and went on to take both the moto and overall victory with his 2-1 scores, with Forsythe and Cook completing the top three positions.

    Other class winners on the day included CZ mounted Charlie Richardson in 60 Plus Vintage Expert with Steve Roach (CZ) topping the 60 Plus Intermediates, while Agina Rupert was the top Women’s Novice and Kitty Hoole (Yam) took home the gold in GP-1 125 Intermediate. Bill Davidson and Mike Korgan made CZ’s the top finishers in Vintage Sportsman 500 Intermediates with Rudy Gil and his immaculate 440 orange tanked Maico in third.

   October 16 will see the CALVMX caravan returning to Cahuilla Creek for round four of their series.  As the season nears its end, there are still several undecided class championships to be had. Regular participants are highly encouraged to invited new participants to join the classic racing scene which offers classes for literally any age and sized machine and all rider skill levels. 

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